• African Mariegold Yellow

African Mariegold Yellow

Seed Quantity – 50 seeds

Marigolds are beautiful, strong smelling herbaceous flowers that are widely grown throughout the world.

Mariegold is used for spiritual purpose in India and is widely used for making garlands and other functions.

They are very easy to take care.

Plants grow up to 3 feet high with large 3 inch puff ball blooms.

Easily grows in all types of soil and is somewhat drought resistant.

Season : Summer

Species: Tagetes erecta

Germination : 4 days and above

First flowering : 2 months

Sunshine : full sun

Plant height: 1 to 3 feet

Sowing temperature : 18 to 30 C

Soil Ph : 6 to 7.5  

Plant spacing : 40 cms X 40 cms

Duration : annual


Growing Instructions.

Marigolds need full sun light and can withstand hot summers. They grow in all types of well drained medium fertile soil.

Before sowing the seeds dig the soil to about 6 inches deep and loosen the soil.

Direct sowing can be done with a spacing of 1 feet between plants.

If grown in pots upto 3 plants can be grown with enough spacing between them.

Sow the seeds half inch deep and water well.

Seeds starts to germinate from 4th day onwards.

Once the marigolds have established themselves, pinch off the tops of the plants to encourage them to grow bushier. This will keep the plants from becoming leggy and will encourage more blooming.

Remove the dead flowers often.

While watering the plants water them directly in the base of the soil and not over the plants.


African Mariegold Yellow

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