About Us

Welcome to splendourseeds.com.

We are sellers of good quality vegetable seeds and flower seeds with online presence serving home gardeners community since 2014. splendour seeds maintains a policy to provide quality seeds in a most affordable way for all its customers. We maintain correct stock of good quality seeds and buyers can be confident on us.

People are aware of increased usage of pesticides in day today's vegetable sourced from vegetable markets and stores. The main aim of these growers are to make money in cost of health of unaware buyers. These pesticides are the source of many health problems in millions of people in our country. Growers go to any extend to control the pest affected plants by applying pesticide even those that have been banned.

Many people have un utilized space in their surroundings which can be used for growing vegetable for their own use. Crops can be grown utilizing many new technologies that are available today using low space with good yielding seeds. Vegetables that are grown organically are tasty,rich in minerals and are good for health and the same time they are pest free. Many organic pest repellents are available which does not harm our health.

Spending some time each day growing and bringing up plants is stress reliever in today's modern life style.  There is always a happiness when we grow a plant and more of it when when it begins to yield and when we start using them. It cleans the air surrounding us and is best felt in urban areas and keeps the temperature cool and humid. You can grow different vegetables and use them daily then and there plucked fresh from your garden.