• Alyssum White

Alyssum White

Lobularia Maritima flower seeds

Seed quantity - 100 Seeds

Alyssum Royal Carpet Lobularia Maritima is a popular garden annual that can be easily grown from Alyssum seeds. Also known as Sweet Alyssum or Sweet Alison this very compact variety forms a dense carpet of medium green foliage that is completely covered with sweetly-scented clusters of small flowers. The blooming Alyssum attracts masses of bees and butterflies.

Alyssum grows fast and makes a superb ground cover for a summer. Purple Royal Carpet Alyssum is one of the best choices for borders, rock gardens, containers, pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Lobularia Maritima grows best in full sun or partial shade tolerating occasional drought and heat.

Season : Annual

Germination : 4 days and above

First flowering : 2 months

Sunshine : full sun/partial sun

Plant height: 15 cm

Sowing temperature : 20 to 25 C

Plant spacing : 15 cms X 15 cms

Duration : annual

Suitable for beds and pots

Growing instructions

Alyssum seedlings can tolerate light frost, but plants are often killed by freezing temperatures. Sow the seeds directly and spread the seeds with spacing of 2 inches between seeds and barely cover them with soil. When the seedlings have more than four leaves, thin to 6 inches (15 cm) apart in all directions.

Alyssum White

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