• Winged Beans Green

Winged Beans – Green

Seeds per pack : 5

Winged bean is also known as Asparagus pea, Winged pea, Four Angled bean, Manila bean, Princess bean, and Dragon bean. Almost every part of this tropical plant is edible: The beans (used as a vegetable), the leaves (cooked like spinach), the roots (similar to potato), and the dried seeds (used for flour).

The winged bean can be cultivated  annually because it can tolerate higher temperatures. These big, unusual looking beans have four vertical fins and are crunchy in flavour. Despite its resemblance to other pole bean species, winged bean vines are very vigorous and can attain heights of 15 ft. Blue flowers make the Winged Bean plant a welcome addition to beautiful terrace gardens.



Winged Beans Green

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