• Watermelon Sugar Baby

Watermelon Sugar Baby.

Seed quantity : 15 seeds.

A summertime treat, Sugar Baby sets an abundance of flavorful fruit on compact vines.

 The refreshing, sweet, crunchy pink watermelons have thick, nearly black rinds and are small enough to fit easily in the icebox.

Great for small gardens and the perfect size for kids.


Growing Instructions

Watermelon needs a long growing season of around 80 + days. Needs more space to grow with good sunlight.

Sow the seeds ½ inch deep in soil and water well. Plants start to germinate in one week.

Plant them directly in open space with enough sunlight. They grow up to 15 feet length, so leave enough space between plants.

Roots grow deep and they are drought resistant. Water well to get a healthy plant.

Harvesting can be done when the white colour of bottom of the fruit sitting on ground turn pale yellow.

Watermelon Sugar Baby

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