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Turnip purple top

Seed quantity : 50 seeds

This turnip is bright purplish-red on top and creamy white below, and has a white interior. May grow upto 6 inches. Turnip lovers prize its deliciously sweet and tender white roots. This popular turnip variety dates back to 1880 and is still widely planted today. Best harvested at 3-4” but retains good quality until quite large. Purple Top has a mild, fine-grained white flesh.

Days to maturity: 55 days


Growing Instructions

Turnips should be grown outside and indoor growing is not recommended. Prefer a place that receives full sun light. They are fast growing plants and start to yield in 55 days . Turnips may grow up to 6 inches in diameter but growing up to 4 inches and using them will be deliciously sweet with tender white roots. Turnips prefer a fertile, well-dug, well-drained seedbed that has a pH of 6.  So add enough manure and loosen up the soil before sowing. Sow the seeds directly and thinly just below the soil in rows 12-16 inches apart. Keep seedbed moist. Seeds starts to grow and water them well.



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