• Tomato Seeds  variety : PKM-1

Tomato Seeds

Seed quantity : 100 Seeds

Variety : PKM 1

Plant Type: Determinate, 50 – 70 cms tall at maturity, Non-Stacking, Dwarf Plants

Harvest – 80 to 90 days after transplanting

Flattish round shape fruits with 4 – 5 light grooves and dark red color with green shoulder

Aerage fruit weight: 70 – 80 gms

Grows well and easy to grow.

Growing Instructions

Tomato plants can be germinated at one place and should be transplanted.  Sow the seeds and cover with very thin layer of soil and water well. The seeds will start to germinate in a week’s time. Select a place for transplanting the seedlings and see that the soil is well drained and is without any water logging. The selected space should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Transplant the seedlings when they are about 25 to 30 days old. Leave a spacing of 60 cm between plants. Tomato grows well in organic and fertilized soil. It needs both water and sunlight for better growth and good yield.  Fruits will appear after about 55 days from replanting. Start plucking the fruits when they turn red

Tomato Seeds variety : PKM-1

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