• Sweet Corn

Sweet corn seeds

Seed quantity : 20 seeds.

Sweet corn is a maize variety which is sweet,tender with superior flavour and colour. Sweet corn is picked when immature (milk stage) and prepared and eaten as a vegetable, rather than a grain.Plant grows upto to 4 to 5 feet and begins to mature in 80 days. Colour of the kernel is Cream yellow.

Also called sugar corn, dent corn and pole corn


Maturity: 78-83 days of sowing
Plant Vigour: Excellent
Plant Height: 5-6 Feet
Cob Length: 10-20 cm
Kernel Colour: Cream Yellow
Sweetness: Very Sweet
Special Features: Suitable for both fresh and processing market
Strong & Sturdy plant

Growing Instructions

Select a spot that receives full sun shine for growing corn. Prepare the soil with mixture of organic manure or organic fertilizer and make the soil loose. Sow them after winter or frost season is over. Direct  sowing of seed is recommended. Make small bunds 30 to 36 inches apart in rows of the soil so that the water can flow around the bunds. Sweet corn grow well when grown in cluster with many rows between them rather than growing them in a single row. Sow the seeds around ½ inch deep in the bunds. Leave a spacing of 6 to 10 inches between the plants. More spacing provides bigger corns. If the growing space is small you can directly sow in the soil without making bunds.  These seeds are favourites for ants  during germination and they may eat up the seeds. So before sowing dip the seeds with some pesticide. Regular watering is necessary for a healthy plant and they grow fast. You can apply some fertilizers when the plants are around 6 inches tall and remove any weeds around the plant. After corn are produced, harvest them by pulling them downward and twisting them. Harvest them when the colour turns to brown and swell. Sweet corn lose their sweetness soon after plucking and so it should be used soon.  

Sweet Corn

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