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Palak seeds Spinach

Seed quantity : 100 seeds

Palak (spinach) is rich in nutrition and vitamins and is essential for good health. The leafy vegetable are very easy and fast growing plants which can be grown in home gardens. Any container with a depth of six inches of soil can be used to grow them. Grow them at home and use them for your daily cooking.

The benefits of Plak are many

Helps loose weight. Good for heart. Relives constipation. Good for skin. Controls blood sugar level. Good for skin and teeth. Prevents cancer. Good for eyes. Enhances brain function.

Growing Instructions

Palak grows well in cool season. In hotter places it produces less leaves and tends to flower and produce seeds. It grows well in loamy loose soil. Fill at least 2 inches of organic manure or garden manure in the soil and loosen the soil well. Sow the seeds at a distance of around 5 inches between plants at a depth of ΒΌ inch. More spacing provides enough ventilation and protects the plants from fungus. The seeds begin to grow in 10 days. It grows well with fertilizer rich in Nitrates. See that water does not stagnate and is well drained. Harvesting can be done  in 6 to 8 weeks from planting. Start harvesting the leaves which are 4 to 5 inches long. Cut the leaves that are well grown, succulent and tender. Cutting of the leaves encourages more growth of the foliage which can be cut latter.  Palak crop gives 4 to 6 cuttings.


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