• Spinach-Humming Bird Tree

Spinach-Humming Bird Tree.

Seed quantity : 20 Seeds.

Agathi Keerai (tamil), august tree leaves,humming bird tree.

(sesbania grandiflora)

 This is a tree type plant which can be grown at the backyard. Good for health in building strong bones and improves eye sight. The burning sensation of body, eyes, stomach, legs and feet are drastically reduced by adding agathi leaves in your diet. For indigestion and other digestion related problems humming bird tree leaves are highly recommended by doctors.

 It has a unique power of healing wounds, sprains, itches and bruises faster with the help of anti bacterial properties. The root of the agathi leaves is used as a medicine to cure malaria. It is prescribed in siddha medicine as a good spinach variety that reduce the fever as well as it has a unique power of reducing the effect of poison and medicine.

Spinach-Humming Bird Tree

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