• Bottlegourd Round

Bottle Gourd round seeds

Seed quantity : 10 seeds

Bottle Gourd  is great for those looking to diet this season.

It is rich in dietary fibre and water content, and thus aids in digestion.

 It has a diuretic effect and helps in flushing out excess water, aiding in curing urinary disorders.

Good for treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Needs a support for growing this plant as it is a vine.

Germination – 10 to 15 days from sowing.


Growing Instrutions

Bottle gourd is a vine and it needs support to grow. It is an annual plant and grows up to 12 feet. It needs full sun for growth. Sow the seeds with a spacing of 7 inches between plants at a depth of about 1 inch deep. Moisten the seeds for 12 hours before sowing. Seeds germinate in between 10 to 15 days and it is a fast growing plant. It takes about 90 days for maturity and produces fruit for a year. Train the plants to grow on fence or trellis. Bottle gourds are water thirsty plants so water them regularly.


Bottlegourd Round

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