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Lobia Seeds - Red seeds

Seed quantity : 100 seeds

Black Eyed Pea, Hindi: Lobia, Marathi: Chavli, Bengali: Barbati,Oriya: Chani,Tamil: Karamani Malayalam: Payar, Telugu: Bobbarlu, Kannada: Alasande.

The black-eyed pea or black-eyed bean, a legume, is a subspecies of the cowpea. Rich in protein. All the peas are green when freshly shelled and brown or buff when dried. The colour of this bean is Red. Easy to grow. These grows well in hot places and are drough resistant.  This is a nitrogen fixing legume.

Growing Instructions      

Cowpeas(Lobia)  are grown in garden beds in rows. These are bush type plants.Prepare the soil by loosening them and remove any weeds and add  necessary garden compost. Seeds are to be sowed directly in rows without transplant. Sow the seeds in a dept of 1 inch deep with 6 inches between plants.  Leave a row spacing of 18 inches. Water thoroughly and the seeds will germinate in few days.  You can actually pick them at any time during the growing season. The tender, young pods can be eaten just like green beans. The larger, still green pods can be shelled, and the peas can be boiled and eaten fresh. After a few weeks, the cowpeas will start drying on the vine. If you’re having a particularly rainy season, you might pick them a little before they turn brown and finish drying indoors so the peas don’t mold. You should pick the pods before they start splitting open.


Lobia Red

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