• Lettuce

Lettuce seeds

Quantity : around 100 seeds

Variety : Iceberg

Medium to large size.

Yellowish green head with crisp leaves.

Lettuce can be harvested from the garden from late spring to the late fall, and sometimes (given a bit of protection) all winter.


The high protein chlorophyll in the dark-green leaves is highly nutritious.

Your salads are not complete without these vitamins


Growing Instructions

Lettuce is a cool climate plant which can be harested in 80-90 days. For a healthy crop it should be fertilized well with more nitrogen. They do not with stand hot weather and frost. Sow the seeds indoors and cover with very thin layer of soil and keep the soil wet. It starts to sprout in 1 week. Prepare the soil by loosening them and add enough fertilizers before planting. It can be grown in raised beds. When few leaves has grown, it can be transplanted. Transplant  lettuce seedlings into the garden after all danger of frost has past. Ideally, transplant them on a cool or cloudy day. Space plants 12" apart in rows 18" apart. Water well after transplanting. It needs lot of water to keep it growing quick. When transplanting in hot weather, place some sunshade over the planted area for a few days until the plant establishes itself to the soil. Begin to harvest iceberg lettuce after the head begins to form. The outer leaves are edible, but are not sweet like the blanched inner leaves. Make sure to harvest when the heads are big and tightly packed.


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