• Ladies Finger

Ladies Finger

Seed quantity : 50 seeds.

Variety Arka Anamika

Arka Anamika Okra is normally fairly low maintenance and is normally quite easy to grow.

Plants are tall and well branched and bearing fruits in two flushes and grows upto 4 feet.

During the first flush fruits are borne on the main stem, 40-45 days after sowing.

During second flush, the fruits are borne on short branches, which emerge from the middle portion of the main stem. Fruits are long (15-20cm), spineless, lush green and tender.

Year round crop produced subject to local climate

It is a heavy yielder.

Growing Instructions

Ladies finger (Okra,Bhindi) grows well in hot places and at some places it is an annual yield crop. Select a place which receives full sun. Fill the soil with organic or compost  matter mixed with soil upto 3 to 4 inches thick. Sow the seeds in rows at a depth of 2.5 cms with a spacing of 11.7 inches  between plants. Leave a distance of 24 inches between rows. Germination may take up to 6 days and more . The soil temperature should be above 15C  for best yield. The plant may grow upto 3.25 mts on maturity with a spread of 40 cms. If germinated at one place and transplanted, transplant them after 34 days. Harvest can be done after 81 days. In hot places it yields for one year. Water well but see that it drains well. Too much watering rots the plant.

Ladies Finger

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