• Knol Khol

Knol Khol seeds

Seeds quantity : 100 seeds.

Other names : German turnip,kohlrabi vegetable seeds

Kohlrabi, also known as knol-khol or German Turnip.

Kohlrabi is a hardy biennial grown as an annual. Kohlrabi has a swollen globe-shaped stem that makes it look like a turnip growing on a cabbage root. Stems can be white, purple, or green and is topped with a rosette of long-stemmed blue-green leaves. Kohlrabi is milder and sweeter than either cabbage or turnip.

Harvest : 55 days

Growing Instructions

Knol khol is a cool season crop.It can withstand extreme cold or frost.  A soil with rich in minerals produces large knobs(tubers). It grows in all types of soil. Sow the seeds in a growing medium covered with little soil and keep them evenly moist. It starts to germinate in one week.  It needs to be transplanted after germination when the plants are 4 to 5 week old. Transplant the seeds with 30 cm spacing with 20 cm spacing between rows. For larger knobs leave 30 cm row spacing. Do not transplant much deeper into the soil as the bulbs occur external to the soil above the plant. Harvest the tubers when they are at size of a tennis ball. Larger tubers become woody,hard and fibrous.


Knol Khol

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