• Onion Big

Onion Big

Seed quantity : 100 seeds

Colour : Uniform attractive Red, tough inside
Shape : Flatish Globe, Uniform

Taste  : Medium spicy taste
Storage : Good Ability.

Maturity : 90 – 100 days
Bulb Weight : 90-100 g

Growing Instructions

Onion needs full sun for growing. Prepare the soil 1 week before planting by adding manure or compost and loosen the soil. Onion seeds can be sown indoors or in nursery beds and can be transplanted. Sow the seeds ¼ inch below the soil and keep the soil constantly wet. Seeds starts to grow from 6 to 12 days. Water well during growing stage. After the plants has grown well with size enough to handle, it can be transplanted. Transplant them with a spacing of 15 cm X 10 cm. After transplanting water well for a few days. Then the watering can reduced for once in 5 to 7 days depending on the dry conditions. Do not water over the plant as the plants may be easily attacked by pest. Water them at the ground level. Fertilizer rich in Nitrogen can be applied in 30 th day and 45 th day after transplanting. Good watering produces large bulbs. After the bulbs has formed, and if the neck starts falling over, it is time to harvest. Now stop watering and allow the plant to dry out before harvest.

Onion Big

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