• Muskmelon

Muskmelon seeds

Seed quantity : 30 seeds

Muskmelons grows easily and yields fruit in 80 to 90 days.

Muskmelon is rich in vitamin A, which can contribute to healthy lungs A cup of muskmelon provides 5,986 international units of vitamin A -- your entire daily recommended intake.

Good for eyes, develops immune system, stress reliver. A cup of muskmelon offers 473 milligrams of potassium, which is 10 percent of the potassium you need daily.

The high vitamin C content in muskmelon assists immune system function by stimulating white blood cells to remove bacteria and viruses from your body.

A diet high in vitamin C can help reduce the chance of developing heart disease, strokes and cancer.

Each cup of muskmelon offers 65 milligrams of vitamin C -- 72 and 87 percent of the daily requirements for men and women, respectively. 

Growing Instructions

Musk melons grows well in full sun. So select a place which receives most sunlight. Plant them in rows of raised beds with 3 feet between each rows. Add enough of manure or compost to the soil before sowing the seeds. Sow the seeds at a spacing of 18 inches between plants at a depth of I cm. Water well and the plants start to grow in a weeks time. See that water drains well and fertilize when seeds start to grow. When they start to bloom and produce fruits they need at least I to 2 inch of water per week. When fruits begin to grow reduce the water. If it receives too much of water during ripening stage it produces bland fruit. Both male and female flowers appear and the female flowers produce the fruits. Be kind to flies and bees to allow pollinate. There may be only a few melons per plant. You can harvest when the fruit changes colour from green to Yellow or tan colour and the stem cracks where the fruit attaches to stem. Only dry weather produces the sweetest melon.



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