• Moringa

Drum Stick – Moringa,Murangai, Saijan ki phalli,Saragavo

Seed quantity : 10 seeds

Variety – PKM

Drum stick PKM 1 variety is a high yielding tree rich in vitamins.

With Starts to bear fruit from 8 months.

Nutritionally, drumstick pods are of great value as sources of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin C.
A folk remedy for digestive disorders, gastric ulcers, skin diseases.
Expectant mothers will gain the calcium, iron and vitamins and it will also ease the delivery process.

Lactating mothers can increase the flow of their milk, by eating this veggie.
Helps you overcome fatigue.
A good blood cleanser and blood builder.


Growing Instructions

Drum stick grows well in tropical areas with warm climate and sandy soil. It is a fast growing tree. Leave enough space between each plant as they spread out when grown. It can be grown on pots and transplanted when they grow to about 8 inches high. The best way is to sow them directly in the soil. Select the planting space which receives direct sun and fill with enough organic manure and make the soil loose.  In hard soil it does not grow well. Sow the seed at a depth of 3/4th of an inch and cover with loose soil. Keep the soil damp. Germination will take place in 7 to 15 days. While the plant starts to grow water well. After the plant has grown into a tree it may with stand drought. Use manure for good yield. It does not require much water after fully grown but water them occasionally. Both moringa fruit and leaves are rich in vitamins. As it is a tropical plant, it grows best in warm places.


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