• Cabbage

Cabbage seeds

Seed quantity : 100 seeds

Cabbage is good for ulcers, weight loss, curing anemia

Rich in antioxidants keeps cancer away, rich in potassium

Easy to grow vegetable

Growing Instructions

Cabbage is a cool season crop and grows well in cooler climates. Cabbage grows well in sandy loam well drained soil. Select a sunny spot and add the soil with rich compost three weeks before sowing. Remove the weed if found. They can be either planted directly or grown indoor and transplanted. Leave a spacing of 6 to 12 inches between plants. If you want bigger head leave a spacing of upto 18 inches. If plants are grown near, they produce smaller cabbage. Smaller cabbages are more tastier than the large ones. If grown wide, plants produce bigger heads. If grown directly, bury the seeds 1/4 inch depth with a spacing of 6 to 12 inches between plants. Leave a row space of 1 to 2 feet. If you grow them indoors, plant them at 1/4 inch deep and 2 inch apart and transplant them when they have three leaves. You can also grow them in seed growing tray and transplant. Water uniformly well and remove any weeds that grow. Brassicas are a particular favourite for birds so use a deterrent to stop them picking off seedlings. CDs on string can be effective.




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