• Bellis perennis Pomponette Red

Bellis perennis  - Pomponette Red seeds

Seed quantity – around 100 seeds

Masses of tightly quilled 1½ inch button flowers on compact plants.

Superb for small beds, edging, windowboxes etc.

Growing well in shade they are good for planting under trees or as an edging to patio borders etc.

Flowers spring. Height 10-15cm (4-6in).

“Bellis” requires full sun. Damp situations should be avoided and care should be taken not to over-water the plants.

Season : Annual

Germination : 10 - 25 days

First flowering : 100days

Sunshine : full sun

Plant height: 20 cms

Sowing temperature : 20 to 25 C

Plant spacing : 15 cms X 15 cms

Duration : annual

Suitable for beds and pots


Growing instructions

Bellis can be grown indoors and transplanted. Sow the seeds in surface of the soil and spray water. Keep the seeds in bright light as they need light to germinate with temperature around 21 C. Germination occurs from 10 to 25 days. This can be grown in sand or loamy soil and can be grown in pots too. Transplant when the plants has grown up to around 3 inches with spacing of 15 cms. Plant them as an edging plant around spring borders or in pots and containers. A good choice for spring flowering window boxes. Best use – Use in garden beds and borders.
Growing tips – Remove finished flowers to prolong the blooming period.

Bellis perennis Pomponette Red

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