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Balsam Seeds

Quantity : 50 Seeds

Balsam is quick growing  plant which is annual. As the plant grows the blossom begin to appear at the top of the plant. It is a bushy green plant with different colours of flowers. Colors include shades of white, pink, rose, violet, and red.  The old flowers are quickly replaced with new blossoms as the plant grows. Also called as Lady spiders. Flowers are produced on leaf stems.


Season : Annual

Germination : 7 days and above

First flowering : 2 months

Sunshine : full sun/partial sun

Plant height: 14” to 20”

Sowing temperature : 25 to 30 C

Plant spacing : 30 cms X 30 cms

Duration : annual

Suitable for beds and pots

Growing instructions

Balsam needs full sun and in hot places it needs to be grown in partial shade. It needs well drained soil for growth. Sow the seeds directly  ¼ inch or grow indoors and transplanted .Apply water regularly and always keep soil moist until the seeds germinate.  Transplant when the plants are 3 inches height with a spacing of 30 cms. After the plants are grown water very mildely. Balsam are often grown in containers on balconies and terraces. Use large pots to provide plenty of space for them. Balsam also is a good bedding or edging plant.


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