• Acroclinium

Acroclineum roseum mixed

Seed quantity : 50 seeds.

The rounded or semi double flat daisy shaped blooms have distinctly contrasting yellow centres. Acroclinium is a popular flower among flower-lovers and because of its everlasting quality of petals, it is known as 'everlasting flower'.

Acroclinium is the most suitable flower for making dry flowers and dry flower arrangements.

Season : Winter

Germination : 7 to 10 days

First flowering : 3 months

Sunshine : full sun

Plant height: 50 to 60 cm.

Sowing temperature : 22 C to 25 C.

Soil Ph : 6 to 7

Plant spacing : 30 cms

Duration : annual

Grown by Transplant.


Growing Instructions.

Growing medium for seed containers consists of one part each of garden soil, coarse sand, farmyard manure and leaf-mould. Sow the seeds and water when the soils starts to dry. Transplant them when there are around four leaves or after 25 days from sowing. Plant distance are 30 cm between plants. Mild water is required after transplantation. Acroclinium is a dwarf annual plant. Flowers should be harvested when they are fully open.


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