• Cleome Spinosa Mixed

Cleome Spinosa - Mixed

Seed quantity : 100 seeds.

Cleome 'Colour Mix' (Spider Flower) has elegant flowers of white, pink and purple, which look like daddy-long-legs on a stem. These look good in the garden and mixed up together in a jumble in a large vase, or pick the individual colours separately for mixing with other things.

Cleomes are an elegant and ethereal, very long-lasting and statuesque annual. This is a must for the summer and autumn garden, going on flowering longer than all the other half-hardies and totally invaluable for that.

We've discovered that this germinates best with lots of temperature fluctuations from hot to cold, so sow early. The only downside to cleomes is their thorns, but they're easy to remove if using as a cut flower.

Cleome Spinosa Mixed

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