• Ornamental chilli pointed

Ornamental Chilli pointed

Seed quantity : 100 seeds.

Medium long pointed hot clillies (Capsicum annuum) in colours of green, yellow and red.

Grown as ornamental bush plant along borders, pots.

Regular pruning produces more fruits.

These fruits are hot,edible and can be used for regular cooking purpose.

Spacing 15 cms between plants. Plant height : 30 cms.

Growing Instructions

Chillies need relatively warm climate for growth and well drained soil. They will not grow well in colder places with night temperatures below 15 C. Sow and germinate the seeds at one place and transplant them after they are 4 cm tall. Before sowing the seeds make the soil loose and make some small grooves using a thin stick at the surface. Spread the seeds and slightly cover them with soil. Some seeds may be picked up by ants and so place the growing container in a plate surrounded by water. Cover the container with a thin cloth and spray water over the cloth. Water will slowly drip inside and will not disturb the seeds. You can also spay water directly without covering with cloth and see not to disturb the seeds. Over watering will make some seeds float. Germination may take from 1 week and above. Transplant in raised beds of soil when plants are 4 cms height and leave a spacing of 60 cm between plants. You can also grow on pots with 1 plant per pot. Manure them well and they will produce fruits for up to 210 days and above.



Ornamental chilli pointed

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