• Calendula Officinalis - Orange Gitana

Calendula Officinalis - Orange Gitana

Seed quantity : 50 seeds.

The impressive bright orange selection within the well-known low Gitana series produces profuse blooms that continue until well into autumn. Suitable for pots, edges, borders and flower beds. The finely chopped petals have a sweet, sharp taste and can be used to good effect in salads. Remove spent flowers to encourage longer blooms. Ideal for beginning sowers.

Growing Instructions

Calendula also called Pot Marigold, English marigolds and grows in almost all types of soil. It grows well in cold regions and flowers well in direct sun or partial shade. Prepare the soil with manures in advance. Calendula seeds can be sowed directly or can be grown indoors and transplanted. It is easy to grow using direct sowing. While sowing directly leave a spacing of 6 to 18 inches between plants. Sow the seeds at a depth of ΒΌ inches deep. If grown indoors maintain darkness for germination.  Plant grows upto 18 inches height. Cutting the flower stems will encourage the plant to branch out and produce more flowers. Regular watering is need if grown in full sun otherwise  occasional watering is enough. Pot marigolds make nice edging plants and grow well in containers. Pot marigolds will slow down in extreme heat and warmer climates.

Calendula Officinalis - Orange Gitana

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